Lets Do It Galway Volvo Ocean Race

One of the nicest places on earth... Let's go Galway!

One of the nicest places on Earth. The people are friendly. It's just a lovely city to be in and i just can't wait to get there and spend my last few days of the race there and the prize-giving especially. I'm looking forward to a big prize-giving there. Let's go Galway!

Andrew Cape, Navigator, Telefonica 2012

Galway here we come!

Teng Jiang He, Grinder, Sanya Lan 2012

I think it sticks out in everybody's mind...

Galway. Galway was a popular stopover last time. I think it sticks out in everybody's mind. One of the stopovers that just made the race. It's really special. 

Justin Slattery, Bowman, Azzam Abu Dhabi 2012

Galway... I'm looking forward to going there

 Galway, ah I'm looking forward  to going there. Good beer, nice  people and very good fry  up.

Neal McDonald, Watch Leader, Telefonica 2012


 Let's go Discover Ireland!

Bert Schandevyl, Bowman, Sanya 2012

Galway was my favourite stopover last time... I can't wait to get there

Hi, this is Kenny Read, skipper of Puma's Mar Mostro. it's days like today, it's scorching hot, sitting in the middle of the Malacca Straits that your mind starts to wander and for me my mind is always wandering to the end of the race, of course!

To be honest I couldn't have been happier that Galway was announced the end race port because quite frankly, don't tell anyone else this, it was my favourite stopover last time.

The golf, the beer, the comradery... did I mention the beer?

Galway for more reasons then you can ever imagine, I can't wait to get there and well actually I'm going to change the order - beer, golf, hospitality.

Ken Read, Skipper, Puma's Mar Mostro 2012

Probably one of the best days of my life...

Well right now on Azzam in the middle of the China sea, Galway seems an awful long way away; maybe 25,000 miles or so. But looking back to the last race there is absolutely no question that the highlight of the race for me was the arrival into Galway. 

The welcome we had and the fact that the race touched all of the people in the town, and the town touched the race so probably one of the best days of my life.

Ian Walker, Skipper, Azzam Abu Dhabi 2012

If you weren't at Galway, it was sort of like Woodstock....

I congratulate Galway and Ireland to get a stopover.  

It is so competitive and difficult to get a stopover, and being around this race as long as I have been around it, you guys managed to set the bar for what a stopover should be. 

If you weren't at Galway, it was sort of like Woodstock and in maybe 10 years from now you would say 'Oh! Ya! I was at Galway!' 

It was the stopover of the entire Volvo.  

The stories of people partying in the streets, the Irish hospitality, the energy that the Irish can only bring is already legend.

Jerry Kirby, Volvo Ocean Race Veteran and Sailing Legend, 2012

I think I want to move to Ireland it is always sunny, at least when we were there...

The golf is amazing the people couldn't be nicer. You can get a pint of beer just about anywhere you turn and all we did was win races when we were there.

And people wanted us to sign autographs and take photos with all hours of the day. Hmmm. What's not to like about all of that? The 'Let's Do It Galway' group set up a program that that could become the model for Volvo stops in the future.

They got the ball rolling and the people of the region took the ball and ran with it. Huge congratulations to all involved. It was our extreme pleasure to be part of your community for a couple of weeks and you can bet your last dollar that I will be back. Long before the Volvo comes back.

Ken Read, Skipper, Puma Racing Team 2009

An extremely welcoming town where everyone was involved in the race...

After spending two weeks in an extremely welcoming town where everyone was involved in the race from the bus driver to the waiter of every single restaurant we finally set off again

Gabrielle Olivio, Media Crew Member Telefónica Blue 2009

Galway has by far exceeded all other stopover ports and is a model to be followed... 

 Of all the stopover ports we have visited around the world in this 2008-2009 series, Ireland's stopover in Galway has by far exceeded all other stopover ports and is a model to be followed for future ports.

Knut Frostad, Chief Executive Officer, Volvo Ocean Race 2009

Galway understands the Volvo Ocean Race...

Galway understands the Volvo Ocean Race. They took it and squeezed the best out of it. 

The city lived and breathed the race for two weeks. 

If you ask me all the stopovers should be like this one.

Sander Pluijm, Media Crew Member, Delta Lloyd 2009

Real magic of Galway shone through...

The Volvo Ocean Race really put Galway on the map and Galway's hotels got a flying start to the 2009 season which thankfully never abated.  We managed to sustain our occupancy levels throughout the summer as a result of the exposure Galway achieved through the Volvo Ocean Race.  

Furthermore the real magic of Galway shone through all of the media coverage of the event. 

Paul Gill, Chairman, Galway Branch Irish Hotels Federations 2009

I can't wait to get to Galway... and sing with the locals

Top of the morning to you. All I get to have on Camper is muesli and powder GoGo for  breakfast, day after day, so i can't wait to get to Galway and have Murphy's for breakfast  and sing with the locals. I know they know how to party. I can't wait.

Tony Rae, Co-Navigator, Camper 2012

On arriving in Galway I was speechless...

When I saw the welcome we received on arriving in Galway I was speechless, but when we left two weeks later it was with tears in my eyes.  

I know Galway was a great city and a city that loves to party but never in my wildest dreams did I think  Galway and Ireland would bring so much to the VOR.  I can only say thank you from all of us for a wonderful two weeks.

Ian Walker, Skipper, Green Dragon 2009

Ireland prepares to host the best ever finish...

Preparations fo the finish of the 11th edition of the Volvo Ocean Race are in full swing in Galway, Ireland and the celebrations promise to be bigger and better than ever before, CEO Knut Frostad said. 

Frostad met with Ireland's Prime Minister Enda Kenny in Dublin on Thursday to discuss the festivities that will greet the six teams at the end of their 39,000 nautical mile race around the world in July. 

Shortly after returning to the Race Head Quarters in Alicante, Spain Frostad revealed that the number of spectators expected to visit the Galway Race Village next year was tipped to exceed the 650,000 who visited during the 2008-2009 race stopover. 

"The Prime Minister is really very excited about the event, he is very engaged in the race and really looking forward to visiting the race village himself next year," Frostad said.  "He has assured me it is going to be even bigger than last time, and he expects that it won't be very easy to find a parking space in Galway come July next year because everyone will want to visit".  

The Prime Minister is a fan of the race and has been following it online Frostad said, particularly as Team Sanya is part sponsored by Discover Ireland. 

Hosting the finish of the Volvo Ocean Race was more than just a sporting spectacle An Taoiseach told Frostad. 

"The Prime Minister's words were that these were difficult times in Ireland right now, and this event would bring many positives" Frostad said.

"It doesn't cost anything for anyone to come and take part, it will bring benefits to both the local population in Galway and Ireland and it will bring visitors and increased business when the race is there".

"There is also a huge momentum in Ireland at the moment with many volunteers signing up to help out race organisers, which shows how everyone can come together to create a fantastic event."

An Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Knut Frostad, CEO Volvo Ocean Race 2011

Economic and social benefits of hosting international sailing benefits...

Ireland has a growing reputation world wide for hosting major international sailing events, and at a time when our sailors at all levels are achieving world class results, the Galway Volvo Ocean Race has further raised the profile of Irish sailing internationally.  As a maritime nation, we can now wee the real economic and social benefits of hosting international sailing events. 

Harry Hermon, CEO, Irish Sailing Association 2009

Vision and can do attitude...

From the start we were impressed by the vision and 'can do' attitude of the organisers.  

We loved the line up for the music festival and we loved the fact that the concerts would be free. Therefore Topaz was delighted to sponsor the main stage.  

We got fantastic exposure, but being able to support a community based initiative like this gave us the greatest satisfaction.

The Festival was a good news story not just for Galway, but for the country as a whole.

Eddie O'Brien, CEO, Topaz 2009

I have never seen a reception like we received in Galway...

I have done the Race three times, including 22 stopovers and I have never seen a reception like we received in Galway.

It is fantastic. Hat's off to Galway and hats off to Ireland. 

Nick Bice, Watch Captain, Delta Lloyd 2009

600% growth in business...

We experienced a 600% growth in business due directly to the Volvo OCean Race.  

One of the great knock-on effects was the fact that although Galway was already famous for its hospitality and the arts, this was exposed to a much wider audience than ever before and a new sense of confidence has been breathed into the local economy as a result.

Seamus Sheridan, Sheridan's on the Docks Pub and Restaurant, Galway 2009

Lets Do It concept...

The Western Development Commission sponsored and innovative photo competition whereby visitors to the Race Village were invited to upload their photographs to a photo sharing website.  

Over 17,000 images were uploaded - more than double previous records at other events. This level of engagement yielded excellent exposure for our LookWest.ie campaign and for our work in promoting the development of the creative industries in the West of Ireland.

The sponsorship has had a strong legacy in that it has continued long after the event in the form of a photographic exhibition which is touring nationally.

We look forward to continued engagement with the 'Let's Do It' concept which is a tremendous vehicle for communicating the opportunities that abound in the West of Ireland.

Joanne Grehan, Regional Development Executeive, WDC 2009

650,000 people...

The Volvo Ocean Race will be forever etched on the minds of Galway City's residents and the 650,000 people who visited the Race Village during the Race Stopover in May-June 2009.  The City, its officials and its people rose to the challenge of hosting this wonderful event on behalf of Ireland and they produced a two week festival that was thrilling to participate in and spectacular to watch.  The economic legacy of the Volvo Stopover will be positive for years to come as Galway takes its place among the world class venues for water-based events.

Michael Coyle, CEO Galway Chamber 2009

The importance of the marine sector to Ireland, in economic value, in presence, in tourism...

The Volvo Race showed the importance of the marine sector to Ireland. In economic value, in presence, in tourism.  In awareness of Ireland created overseas it was magnificent and all associated with what Galway achieved deserved the thanks of the nation.  

It showed to Government and politicians who have turned their backs on the sea, that they should look outward to the channel of economic growth and security for and island nation which the sea provides, rather than the blindness which has personified their attitude to the sea.  

The Volvo Race opened the eyes of the public, of the nation, to the value of the sea.  Our political leaders should follow this example and emulate what Galway achieved. 

Tom MacSweeney, Marine Correspondent, RTE 2009