Lets Do It Galway Volvo Ocean Race

   The Trophy

  • As with the Olympic Games, there is no financial reward for winning this
    39,270 nautical-mile race around the world
  • Made by Proximma Communicacin, after a highly competitive
    bidding process
  • Made of aluminium and silver plate
  • Weighs 9kg and is 70cm high
  • Comprises 11 wave-shaped rings that represent the 11 editions of the race
  • The first 10 rings are engraved with the year of the race, the route,
    the winning boat and the 
  • The 11th ring will be engraved in Galway in July 2012, at the end of the race


   The Volvo Ocean Race is the longest professional sporting event in the world. The event is a
   nine-month marathon of the seas, passing through four oceans (Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and
   Southern Oceans) and five continents (Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe).
   The competitors risk their lives every day in the most extreme conditions of any sailing event.
   The race covers the greatest distance of any professional sailing event, in total 39,270 nautical
   miles. The Volvo Open 70 racing yacht is the fastest monohull in the world. It boasts a heritage
   of excellence stretching back to the first race in 1973 - 74, when Sayula II won what was then
   called the Whitbread Round the World Race. The Volvo Ocean Race shares cutting-edge
   technology with respect for the environment and is contested by the best sailors in the world.


Ed. Year Yacht Skipper Nat. LOA –ft Designer
1 1973-74 Sayula II Ramón Carlin MEX 65 Sparkman & Stephens
2 1977-78 Flyer Cornelis van Rietschoten NED 65 Sparkman & Stephens
3 1981-82 Flyer Cornelis van Rietschoten NED 65 German Frers
4 1985-86 L’Esprit d’Equipe Lionel Péan FRA 58.6 Philippe Briand
5 1989-90 Steinlager 2 (maxi class A & B) Peter Blake NZL 84 Bruce Farr
5 1989-90 Equity and Law 2 (class C) Dirk Nautor  NED 63 Judel / Vrolijk
5 1989-90 Esprit de Liberté (class D) Patrick Tabarly FRA 58.6 Philippe Briand
6 1993-94 New Zealand Endeavour (maxi class) Grant Dalton NZL   84 Bruce Farr
6 1993-94 Yamaha (W60 class) Ross Field JPN 64 Bruce Farr
7  1997-98 EF Language Paul Cayard SWE 64 Bruce Farr
8 2001-02 Illbruck Challenge John Kostecki GER Volvo Ocean 60 Bruce Farr
9 2005-06 ABN AMRO ONE Mike Sanderson NED Volvo Open 70 Juan Kouyoumdjian
10  2008-09 Ericsson 4 Torben Grael SWE Volvo Open 70 Juan Kouyoumdjian